CAS in Information Systems & Telecommunications

Information systems management and telecommunications functions have become critical elements to the success of all organizations.  New IT staff, college seniors who are embarking upon their careers or employees seeking to round out their management knowledge can acquire the expertise necessary to manage information systems and telecommunications initiatives through the CAS in Information Systems and Telecommunications Management.

Who Should Apply

The IS&TM certificate can meet the needs of professionals in any field who see the need for knowledge and qualifications in both the technical and managerial aspects of information technologies. Examples of such professionals include:

  • general managers who need to understand technology and the issues surrounding it
  • technical experts who want to acquire knowledge of general information management
  • professionals with masters degrees in a content or professional area, such as the arts, sciences or social sciences, business, or the health professions, who want to become proficient in the applications of information technologies to their professions or disciplinary interests
  • librarians with an MLS/MLIS who want to improve their knowledge and skills in information technologies
  • owners of small or medium sized businesses that need to develop the skills necessary to manage the firms technology resources and relationships
  • students currently pursuing graduate studies who seek to enhance their information technology skills

Distictive Features

The graduate certificate in Information Systems and Telecommunications Management enables you to further your present career or discover new options in the dynamic, challenging field of information management, systems, and telecommunications. The program enables you to add information management and systems qualifications to your existing bachelors or masters degree, thus expanding your career options and providing a competitive advantage in pursuing career opportunities in business, government, or not-for-profit organizations.

The graduate certificate in Information Systems and Telecommunications Management (IS&TM) equips you with an understanding of key issues in the fields of information and telecommunications management, including:

  • organizational management and implementation of rapidly changing information technologies
  • database management and administration
  • management of local and wide-area networks and the challenge of global interconnectivity
  • harnessing information resources to improve organizational effectiveness, including decision making, problem solving, strategic planning, marketing and budgeting processes
  • project Management processes and challenges of outsourcing
  • systems integration
  • website design and management, including information architecture
  • state-of-the-art applications in computer, telecommunications, and information technologies

For more information about our graduation rates for students who complete this CAS without also being in a masters program, the median debt of these students who completed the program, and other important information visit the Syracuse University Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs gainful employment listings.


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