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The information field today is ever-changing. Though innovation brings new nuances and may require new skills, they also rely on a core expertise in users, technology, information and systems, all taught at iSchool at Syracuse University. Social media, digital libraries, Internet search, the semantic web and virtual organizations are only a few high-impact examples of information science innovation. Though seemingly quite different, they have at their core the notion of expanding human capability through information and technology.

Students working in NEXIS, the iSchool's social media data research and analysis center.

The Certificate of Advanced Study in Information Innovation builds on the increasing focus of the iSchool on innovation and entrepreneurship. It is structured as a faculty-driven special topics gateway. Students will focus on foundational concepts in innovation and information shared by all of the iSchool’s graduate degrees but the curriculum will easily adapt as new technologies and methods emerge in the information industry.

The first focus of the CAS in Information Innovation is Social Media. Today, one of the top innovations changing organizations of all types and scale is in social media and social media. Whether you are part of a global industry managing across continents or running a small business out of your basement, social media has altered the playing field and the landscape for competition. Social Media enhances information sharing and entrepreneurship- two important features in an iSchool education.

Who Should Apply

The Certificate of Advanced Study in Social Media is designed to fit the needs of the ever-changing field of information and technology. Those wishing to pursue careers in information and want to be able to adjust to change as well as direct change within any organization are encouraged to apply, as well as those interested in pursuing a career in the emerging and growing field of social media.

Pending university approval, in 2014 and beyond, the Certificate of Advanced Study in Information Innovation will only be available to specialized groups such as cohorts from organizations and companies. We will no longer be accepting applications from individuals.


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