CAS in Global Enterprise Technology

The Certificate of Advanced Study in Global Enterprise Technology (CAS in GET) is an interdisciplinary program. This unique combination of coursework and experiential learning that can be tailored to a student’s desired emphasis of information management or information systems technology.

The program is designed to prepare students with the fundamental knowledge useful for careers in large global organizations working with large-scale, complex organizational and information systems

The CAS in GET will focus upon building three essential types of cognitive skills:

  1. Analysis: When given a particular policy or strategy and a particular concept of operations for an information technology system, CAS in GET graduates will be able to determine if the concept of operations falls within the stated policy or strategy.
  2. Synthesis: CAS in GET graduates will be able to synthesize information goals, policies and strategies from the knowledge of the specifics of the enterprise. Given these goals, policies and strategies, CAS in GET graduates will be able to devise concepts for information technology systems that satisfy these target end states.
  3. Evaluation: Given the goals, policies and strategies, as well as information technology systems for an enterprise, CAS in GET graduates will be able to evaluate and measure if the systems as a whole operate within the stated policy and support the stated mission, goals, and objectives for the enterprise.

Why Choose GET?

The communication and knowledge gap between IT professionals and executives in today’s global business atmosphere produces difficulties in creating a synergetic collaborative working environment. This certificate addresses the need for better communication and understanding across this gap by 1) helping students to understand the origins and purposes of organizational strategies as they are applied in the form of systems and operations within the global enterprise, and 2) to help students think critically about the challenges of scale, global diversity, cultural context and market influence on these systems and operations within these large-scale organizations.

Successful graduates of the CAS in GET will specifically be able to:
  • Design information technology architectures and systems that integrate technology with the enterprise strategic goals
  • Build a strong and flexible IT infrastructure that can adapt to changing enterprise strategies and conditions involving scalability, resilience, flexibility and re-use of technical solutions and best practices
  • Define options in multi-tiered systems and diverse technologies that can provide innovative solutions for strategic business goals and objectives in large-scale enterprises, and evaluate these options against the constraints and opportunities of a given scenario
  • Analyze and communicate the “Value of IT” within a large-scale, global enterprises, and evaluate these options against the constraints and opportunities of a given scenario
  • Develop enhanced management skills appropriate for projects in large, culturally diverse and geographically dispersed organizations, including the effective management of workflow and change.
  • Work productively together with globally-distributed peers, subordinates and senior managers through purposeful and effective communication, and influencing and negotiating skills.

Who Should Apply

The target audience for the CAS in GET share diverse academic and industry backgrounds: from professionals with an initial level of experience who have bachelor’s degrees in science, engineering, management, economics, and IT fields, to mid-level and experienced IT managers, all of whom represent a range of organization size.

Characteristics include:
  • Executive-level professionals who desire to learn information technology
  • Mid-career IT professionals who want to learn executive skills
  • Early-career professionals who wish to prepare for future evolution that requires leadership in decision making as well as a background in information technology.

Pending university approval, in 2014 and beyond, the Certificate of Advanced Study in Global Enterprise Technologies will only be available to specialized groups such as cohorts from organizations and companies. We will no longer be accepting applications from individuals.


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