Current Students

At the iSchool, we’ve got you covered. That’s our put-people-first perspective.

You’re a whole individual here, never just a seat in a classroom. We know that much is expected; that’s why we’ve got your back. From the time you apply until your commencement day, the iSchool works to serve you.

Dozens of staff and faculty assure that you are provided with an exceptional all-around experience—as well as the experience of an exceptional education. They facilitate achievement by clearing the path so you can rise to your academic best. Staff members:

  • Are available at convenient times for academic counseling, course planning, and financial aid assistance.
  • Assure there are quality student organizations to join and refreshing educational-based social events to attend.
  • Help you make professional connections by arranging an array of internships, industry tours, academic conferences, and innovation events.

With a full support team handling all the underpinnings, you can focus fully on your schooling—and the fantastic, opportunity-filled future you’ll have when you leave us.

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