Enterprise Computing Strategies MOOC

Enterprise Computing Strategies

Enterprise computing is a computer hardware/software environment that is typically used to anchor corporate and government Information Technology data center infrastructures. Enterprise computers are generally used to solve very large complex problems where high availability, high performance, high reliability and ultra-high security are required for addressing high volatility transaction volumes and where these key performance criteria are needed for delivering mission critical solutions.

The iSchool’s Enterprise Computing Strategies (ECS) MOOC is a free, self-guided, self-paced open online course. The course content will help participants develop a new appreciation for the issues and challenges faced by the modern technology manager. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will develop the tools necessary for making more informed computing infrastructure decisions. Participants will learn strategies in computing resource provisioning, since not all computing resources are created equal and since solving enterprise problems is not as easy as just adding more hardware. After this course participants will have an appreciation for developing a computing strategy that can help their organizations save money on equipment acquisition and labor, reduce energy consumption, and simplify and secure their IT infrastructure. Successfully completed coursework will result in a certificate of completion from Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies (iSchool) and IBM.

Instructors for the course are Susan Dischiave - associate professor and director of the Bachelor of Science in Information Management & Technology program for the iSchool at Syracuse - and Dave Dischiave - associate professor and director of the Global Enterprise Technology Programs and the Systems & Information Science Program for the iSchool at Syracuse.

There are no prerequisites for this course. Participants across the globe may access the course from any place, at any time. To participate, students must sign up for a free account on the MOOC platform (instructions provided to registrants via email). The iSchool's Enterprise Computing Strategies MOOC will begin on Monday, Sept 1st, 2014. Registration for the course is will remain open through Sept 17th. The last day to submit course assignments is October 17th.  

The Syracuse University iSchool MOOC is being hosted as part of a MOOC series, in collaboration with IBM, Marist College, and the Linux Foundation. More information on this first of a kind MOOC series can be found here.


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ECS MOOC Instructors

Dave and Susan Dischiave, ECS MOOC Instructors and Syracuse University iSchool faculty and program directors


The iSchool will pay the $75 application fee for students who successfully complete the ECS MOOC & apply to one iSchool graduate program (masters or certificate of advanced study) in 2015. Details




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